Civic Data Alliance


Civic Data Alliance

All the Data for We the People

The Civic Data Alliance (CDA) is Louisville’s Code for America Brigade and we are focused on being a force for open data, hosting hackathons, coding education, and civic engagement.

We are the public’s voice for open data, interested in liberating, improving, gathering, defining, and reporting on public data.


Anthony Bouvier @thebouv
Margeaux Spring @cheapwebmonkey GitHub
Robert Kahne @rkahne

Core Members

Chris Harrell @lazarusllc
Pat Smith @cityresearch
Bret Walker @binarybret
Shelley Hicklin
Becky Steele @ladyofsteele
Tyler Mullins @tylermullinsdev GitHub
Leigh Prince GitHub
Bethany Patrick
Aaron Marks @amdev83

Municipal Partners

Ed Blayney @edblayney - Innovation Project Manager, Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation
Matthew Gotth-Olsen @mattgolsen - Innovation Project Manager, Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation
Michael Schnuerle @LouDataOfficer - Data Officer, Mayor’s Staff/Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation

Community Partners

American Printing House for the Blind | Code Louisville | KY Youth Advocates | Louisville Public Media | Metro Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods | Network Center for Community Change | TARC | The Courier-Journal

Donors and Supporters

People and companies that have made a tax-deductible donation to CDA (a non-profit 501c3 through Code for America).
Becky Steele
Brian Herbert, CTO @ MakeTime
Chris Harrell @ Lazarus LLC
Dave Mattingly
Eric Bickel
KY Youth Advocates
Karyn Boyd
Kshma Kulkarni @ Glass Capitol
OPI Metro Louisville
Margeaux Spring
Michael Schnuerle @ Metro Mapper
Mission Data
Stan Siranovich
William Burke

Event Sponsors

People and companies that have supported our events by donating food and refreshments.
Forest Giant

Code of Conduct

All members, volunteers, and event participants agree to abide by Civic Data Alliance Code of Conduct

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