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Civic Data Alliance

All the Data for We the People. We are Louisville's official Code for America Brigade.

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About the Civic Data Alliance

The Civic Data Alliance (CDA) is Louisville’s Code for America Brigade and we are focused on being a force for open data, hosting hackathons, coding education, and civic engagement.

Making Public Data Truly Public

We are the public’s voice for open data, interested in liberating, improving, gathering, defining, and reporting on public data.

Current Core Members

Municipal Partner

Community Partners

Organizations that we have partnered with for past or current projects

Donors and Supporters

People and companies that have made a tax-deductible donation to CDA (a non-profit 501c3 through Code for America).

History and Leadership

Louisville’s Code for America Brigade was founded in December of 2012 by Michael Schnuerle after partnering with Louisville Metro since 2011 to open crime, restaurant, and permit data, creating interactive maps for the city, and advising on the city’s open data portal launch in October 2011.

On September 2013, the Civic Data Alliance was created by Patrick Smith, Bret Walker, Chris Harrell and Michael Schnuerle to be a voice for citizens.

The CDA was merged with the Louisville Brigade in May 2014 when it became a Member CfA Brigade.

In December 2014 we reached official Brigade status with Code for America.

As of June 2015, over 300 people and volunteers have participated in our hackathons, meetups, and events. Thank you!

We’ve had 16 meetups, run 9 hackathons, worked on 35 civic public projects, and donated over 7,000 hours of volunteer time to the community!

Code of Conduct

All members, volunteers, and event participants agree to abide by The Code for America Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy